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Strategist, UX/UI, Product Designer


3 months. Submitted to D&AD competition 2023. 


Figma, User Research, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, After Effects, Prototyping


Igniting Excitement with eBay's Mobile App Extension and Social Media Campaign

eDrop isn't just an app; it's a dynamic countdown, presenting a fresh chance each week to stay in tune with the latest trends.


Through paid social announcements of themes and sellers amplifying the message with social sharing features, eDrop provides enticing glimpses of what lies ahead.

In response to the D&AD 2023 eBay Brief, my team and I devised a distinctive visual identity for eBay's innovative mobile app extension. Additionally, we crafted a compelling social media campaign aimed at encouraging young individuals to consider eBay as their go-to platform for reselling items

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The Problem

Generation Z are less likely to consider selling on eBay

eBay is the original online destination for preloved items. But with a wealth of opportunities in the preloved space, Gen Z are less likely to consider selling on eBay.

So what do we know about Gen Z?

User Research

Thrift Shop

Emerging force in the secondhand marketplace

Due to economic and environmental advantages of re-commerce, younger generations, particularly Generation Z, are increasingly motivated to sell and buy second hand goods.

Gen Z

Prioritize personalization and enhance online discovery

Navigating digital information, online stores, and social platforms is native for Gen Z, so it makes sense that they prefer to shop online more than any other generation.

Woman Texting

Social commerce is essential to reaching them

As the first generation to grow up with smartphones, social media is ingrained in Gen Z’s daily habits.

Online Shop Owner

About 80% of Gen Z who were surveyed bought secondhand, while nearly 1 in 3 began selling secondhand goods in the last year.

Forbes, 2022


The Opportunity

eBay needs to innovate

eBay now needs to stand out against newer competitors in an oversaturated market against trendy e-commerce sites like Depop and Mercari. 


eBay has the opportunity to connect and engage with a generation of sellers in a way it never has before. 

Opening Parcel Box

How might we develop a response that brings Gen Z to the eBay marketplace to sell their preloved items?

Challenge from D&AD 2023 eBay Brief


The Solution

eBay x eDrop

eBay will engage a new generation of online sellers by launching eDrop.

On the eDrop app, beloved trends always have value. 

eDrops are a way for sellers who don’t have an entire collection to become a part of a limited-time themed community drop.

Welcome to

Limited time themed drops powered by eBay. eDrop is an app. But more importantly, it’s a countdown, where every week is a new opportunity to be on the pulse of what’s hot. 

How It Works

How It Works

3-part user flow

User will download the eDrop app through eBay main site and become part of limited-time themed community drops. 

Follow along with the eDrop seller and buyer user journey below. 

Step 1: Onboarding

First time sellers will create an account and follow a simple onboarding process. 

Step 2: The eDrop Seller

Sellers can list their items on the eDrop app and promote their pixelated listing on social media to build hype around the anticipated drop!

Sellers are able to snap a photo of the item directly from the app. eDrop will simply edit the photo for them so that it's ready to drop. ​

Step 3: The eDrop Buyer

When the eDrop countdown runs out, all of the seller's listings are revealed and buyers are finally able to dive into the drop. 

Buyers are guided to create a quick user profile to interact with the eDrop live auction. 

Young Couples
Social Campaign

How can eDrop further connect with Gen Z to generate hype about the themed drops? 

eBay x eDrop Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Paid and Organic Social

eBay will announce the weekly themed drops with paid social ads. Example themed drops include skateboards, denim, band tees, stamps, etc! 
These will guide users to download eDrop and get started.


LTO: Lego

Paid Social Limited Time Drop Example

This week's themed drop is Lego. eBay will tease the theme on its main social page, guiding sellers to participate in the drop. 


Social Sharing & Engagement

Organic Social Limited Time Drop

Once sellers have uploaded their listing for the eDrop of the week, they will spread the word with social sharing features – providing only a tease of what’s to come to potential buyers. 


Seller Social Posts

Organic Social Limited Time Drop Example

After creating the listing, seller's are able to share which Lego items they are adding to the eDrop. 


With eDrops, we’ll drive young people to think of eBay when they resell their items – and engage passionate communities by establishing eBay as the place where trends never die.

Case Study D&AD Submission 2023

Case Study Video

Creative Synergy

Collaborating with fellow classmates who are art directors and copywriters within an agency setting has been an invaluable learning experience.


The exchange of ideas, creative insights, and diverse skill sets has not only enriched my understanding of the creative process but has also allowed me to witness the power of effective teamwork in producing impactful work.


Working alongside art directors and copywriters has broadened my perspective, deepened my appreciation for the creative industry, and equipped me with valuable skills for future collaborative endeavors.

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