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Hi, I'm Alexis!

I've always been drawn to the light, fascinated by its transformative power to shape our world, minds, and emotions. As a strategist and designer, I aim to infuse everything I do with this illuminating quality.

In a world full of challenges, I find purpose in spreading positivity and making a meaningful impact on people's lives. That's why I'm passionate about service and accessibility design projects, where I can use my skills to create solutions that truly make a difference.

But it doesn't stop there. I'm always eager to try new things and explore different creative outlets. Whether I'm crafting jewelry, strumming my guitar to the tunes of the Beatles, or immersing myself in the world of Hedwig the snowy owl, I'm all about embracing creativity in every aspect of life.

Curious to learn more about me and my fun projects? Dive into my Makerspace and join me on this journey of creativity and impact!

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